10 Tips to Jumpstart Manifestation

10 Tips to Jumpstart Manifestation – How to Manifest


Feeling a little lost as to how to start manifest?

Don’t feel bad that you do, because we’ve all been there. The fact of the matter is that any activity or endeavor is challenging or even intimidating in the beginning. Conscious creation is no different, which is why individuals who are just starting out must be willing to learn and reach out for support.

Today’s post is yet another gift to my fellow conscious creators around the country and even around the world. These are my top ten tips to jumpstart your Year of Abundance!

1. Make your intentions clear. An “intention” is an action statement related to your desire. A good example would be “I will drive a BMW by the end of the year or sooner.” Notice that the statement is stated in the positive and there is conviction that the belief will come to fruition.

Setting a central intention during manifestation clarifies your position as a conscious creator and also helps you hone in on the dominant belief driving your intention. In the case of driving a new BMW, the accompanying dominant belief might be “Because I deserve a new BMW for all my hard work.”

2. State things in the affirmative. Whenever you create an affirmation related to the manifestation, be sure to use the affirmative/positive form. Avoid statements like “I can’t live without _____.” Use the positive form instead: “I have done _______ today.”

3. Solve a problem, any problem. Nothing gets the ball rolling than solving a problem that’s been bugging you recently. Brainstorm for solutions and take action when you’re ready. Let the momentum of being able to solve a problem carry you, so you will be even more energized with accomplishing your other goals.

4. Quit worrying and just do it. Nike’s “just do it” line is simply perfect for conscious creation. When you let fear and doubt hold you back, you’re letting negativity win. Not only are you allowing yourself to transmit the wrong frequencies to the Universe, you are also hampering yourself from receiving what you desire. So remember: even if you’re afraid, jump in and just do it!



5. Find a co-creator. Co-creation is possible if you can find someone who has the same desire and is willing to share the manifestation process with you. Combining your efforts will certainly make things easier for the both of you. As long as your co-creator has his heart in the right place, push on with the plan.


6. Perform a time shift. You have full access to your personal timeline: past, present and future. With your main belief at the center of your consciousness, visualize a future time when your desire has come true. Enjoy your moment in the future and “fly” back to the present time. Perform this time shift whenever you feel like your motivation is wavering.

7. Love life. Live life with the zest brought by love. Allow yourself to be happy and don’t think for a moment that good things were only meant for others. You deserve the best things in life and your love of life will help transmit your desires to the Source.

8. Match the Universe. When you ask the Universe for something, your desire will have a unique vibrational frequency of its own. During the “receiving” phase of the manifestation, you must also be ready to generate and match the frequency of the desire that is being manifested in physical reality.

9. Let it happen, 100%. Let go of every shred of resistance in your mind and heart. Some people become ‘spooked’ when they feel their manifestation efforts are about to pay off. They are unable to believe, suddenly, in the law of attraction. The law of attraction is powerful and it’s as real as gravity and the sun. Accept those facts and submit yourself to the Universe’s awesome bounty. Let the good things flow into your life without limit!

10. Don’t forget to thank the Universe. I’ve discussed this before, but so many people forget to be thankful for what they have. Stir up those positive energies by acknowledging that the Universe has been taking care of your needs all this time. Being grateful for your own personal fortune and abundance will set the stage for bigger and better things.


It is my sincere hope that these tips were able to clarify some things for you regarding the law of attraction and manifestation. Manifest something today!


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