3 Steps to Increasing Your Positive Energy

3 Steps to Increasing Your Energy and Positive Attitude

 How can you keep creating positive energy?

The law of attraction is fairly easy to understand if you remember the maxim “likes attracts like.” If you want something, think, feel and act as if you already have it. Because if you do, you continuously generate positive vibrational energy, which the Universe needs to complete the manifestation.

However, in today’s world it is increasingly more difficult to stay positive.

Modern life is stressful to say the least and people normally worry about a dozen different things when they wake up in the morning. To live life without a single worry would be fantastic, but in the reality that we all live in now, this isn’t the case. Adults, specifically, are expected to handle problems “like adults,” whatever that means.

Regardless of the shortcomings of the world, we must push on.

We can choose to be positive and happy even if human life is difficult. By taking as much control as possible of our lives, we can stay positive and in the long term this will help you achieve even more in the field of conscious creation.

Below are some tips that I find useful in staying positive, motivated and in high spirits regardless of my current circumstances:

1. Always be thankful. – Thankfulness or gratitude is considered a cornerstone practice in manifestation because it naturally creates a powerful tidal wave of good thoughts and feelings. You can be thankful even if you don’t have the most expensive or luxurious things in the world. Be grateful to the Universe for what you are enjoying now and you will feel negative vibrational energies fading away.

Being grateful is also a great way to kick start the first phase of manifestation which is “asking the Universe.”

After identifying what you want, be grateful that the Universe has heard you and that the countdown to final manifestation has begun. Let the warm and exciting feeling of thankfulness envelope your consciousness.


Avoid envying others for what they have.

Envy and jealousy are both rooted in the place of Lack, and lack attracts more lack! Jealousy as a result of not having other people’s luck or wealth will also needlessly depress and anger you. Instead of feeling jealous, focus on manifesting those things in your life.

Remember: ask and actively receive. This is your ticket to any kind of abundance that your heart desires.

2. Learn to accept your situation. –People who have never tried to actively manifest their desires are quick to say “I just don’t have the resources to make it happen.”

If you feel the same way sometimes, always remember that reality is merely a moment compared to the process of manifestation. Physical reality exists only in one plane (the physical plane) while the law of attraction permeates all levels of consciousness and existence.

Do not fear your own circumstances. Be aware of what you have and what you will soon have but never allow fear to take root in your mind and heart. Negative thoughts and emotions are more destructive than scarcity of resources.

Material resources, specifically, can be manifested easily through a variety of mechanisms.

However, if you think and feel that you’ll never get the material resources that you need to make your dreams come true, the process of conscious creation will grind to a screeching halt. Think about it and decide: what type of outcome are you attracting right now with your mindset and emotions?

3. Change your strategy. – Our actions and behaviors directly influence the outcomes that we enjoy or have to bear in our lives. Not all behaviors are beneficial or useful to manifestation.

For example, if you constantly think of the things that you don’t have because you believe you are a “natural pessimist” then this is precisely what you are going to attract: more lack and scarcity.

Genuine change begins with your actual behavior.

Thinking about change and changing your behavior are two different things. Work on modifying negative behaviors if you want to see positive changes in your life. Removing negative and destructive behaviors will also help improve the quality of your life, overall.

It’s easy to spot negative behaviors: if a particular behavior triggers sadness, frustration or any other negative mental or emotional state, the behavior is de facto questionable. You may also ask for feedback from people you trust about your behavior. Your friends and family are valuable sources of insight about how you behave in real life.

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