6 Steps to Better Meditation

6 Steps to Better Meditation – Law of Attraction Meditation


What is meditation and why does it matter?

While the ancient Eastern texts offer complex definitions of meditation, we have one that’s a little easier to work with: meditation is the practice of inducing a heightened state of consciousness, with the intent to create a positive, harmonizing and balancing effect on the mind. Meditation causes a person to focus intently on the contents of his mind while at the same time placing himself outside the realm of direct mental engagement.

Meditation is like stepping out of “the box” and feeling your neck, fingers and feet move for the first time.

People often think that meditation is mysterious and inaccessible because it’s practiced primarily by ascetics, Buddhists and other known spiritual practitioners in the East. Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: meditation is a universal practice that has nothing to do with culture, race or creed.

You can meditate regardless of your belief system and it’s going to be amazing for your mental, spiritual and even physical health! Below are just some of the known benefits of meditation:

  1. Meditation helps relieve stress, chronic anxiety and even pain.
  2. Meditation can increase a person’s feeling of confidence and overall wellness.
  3. Meditation can also quiet the mind and scientific studies show that constant practice helps rewire the brain to make it work more efficiently.
  4. On the physical side, meditation lowers blood pressure, improves immunity, increases your body’s natural control of inflamed tissues throughout the body and it enhances your cardio respiratory function, too.

How does one meditate?

It takes a lifetime of constant practice to master the art of meditation; however, you don’t need to be a master to enjoy its benefits. Meditating a few minutes a day is sufficient for enhancing your positive energy and normalizing your vibrational balance.


Meditation 101

Below are some simple steps to get you started on meditating today:

1. The right place and time. – Find a quiet place to meditate, away from people and noise. Turn off your laptop, tablet or cellphone so there will be no “communication distractions.” If you’re living with lots of folks at home, tell them that you want absolute peace during meditation.

The best time for meditation is in the morning, right before you jump into your daily tasks and chores. However, experts have been known to meditate throughout the day because they can easily induce the hyper focus needed to feel calm and rejuvenated.

2. The right position. –You can meditate while seated on a chair, with your hands on your lap. You may also use a small cushion or pouf if you wish to meditate on the floor. The lotus position is best for meditating on the floor.

To accomplish the lotus position, sit on the floor and place your right foot on top of your left inner thigh. Do the same for the other leg. You may place your hands your lap while maintaining a straight yet relaxed spine.


3. The right breathing method. – Proper breathing is a must during meditation. Correct breathing maximizes oxygen intake and uptake in the bloodstream, resulting in added enrichment of your tissues and cells. Your body will also be less stressed because it is receiving a proper amount of oxygen.

Natural breathing is easy: just breathe from your belly instead of your chest. Watch how babies breathe – that’s the correct way of breathing. During meditation, try counting: 1, 2 – inhale then 3, 4 – exhale. Develop a slow and comfortable breathing rhythm even when you’re not meditating to improve your overall health.

4. The right amount of time. – This is a critical element because people are often turned off by the idea that they have to meditate for hours on end. No, this is simply not true. Two to five minutes is sufficient for beginners. You can increase the duration of each session when you get used to the posture and breathing method.

5. The right attitude. –Meditation is not magic, nor will it make you super powerful overnight. The benefits of meditation are much like the benefits brought by exercise. You will enjoy the advantages in the long term. Be patient with yourself and avoid comparing your meditation with the meditation of someone who has been doing it for years.

6. The right mindset. – Don’t be critical of the meditative process. Whenever a negative or distracting thought crosses your mind during meditation, simply acknowledge it and move on. This is the secret of successful meditation, especially if you live or work in a very distracting environment.


I’ll see everyone in the next post. Manifest something today!

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