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Manifestation Guide – 3 Foundational Practices

How does everything fall into place, anyway?

Do you need a Manifestation Guide? This is perhaps the most complex question that people ask of the law of attraction. Even people who have tried consciously creating something in physical reality are unable to believe how easy it can be, even if their desires have already manifested.

Since humans are naturally critical and inquisitive beings, it’s understandable that we have so many questions. We aren’t comfortable not being able to make sense of something.

To us, the unknowable is simply hard to trust. Do you feel the same way about the law of attraction? If you feel this way sometimes, today’s post is just for you.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of the issue: how do good things begin to happen?

The plain answer to this question is: the Universe just knows how to do it. As a conscious creator, it’s no longer in your domain or responsibility to ask how the Universe rearranges factors, elements, and circumstances to make things happen. It just does.

Even if the Universe tried to explain the process to us, I doubt that the information would be useful at all, because the forces that allow manifestation to take place don’t originate from us humans anyway. We transmit energy and take action in physical reality. That is the limit of our power.

That’s the overarching answer to the “how” question.

While it might sound like a letdown, it doesn’t mean that we know absolutely nothing of the process. Through the years, practitioners of the law of attraction have written down foundational practices that you would do well to follow:

1. Be generous to others, at all times. – This tip may sound like something that’s been taken from Sunday school, but it’s actually an excellent manifestation technique. If we go back to the maxim “like attracts like” it’s fairly easy to see why generosity is so important to conscious creation.


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If we were to imagine the law of attraction as a circuit, being generous to others automatically opens the pathway that brings back more of the same.

So if you’re generous with your time and resources and your intentions are positive, that investment in other people will attract more of the same in your life. Even the ancient texts agree: generosity and selflessness are a powerful means of attaining personal enlightenment.



That’s because when you’re generous, you tend to generate various frequencies of positive energy. You may not be aware of all the frequencies you’re creating and transmitting to the Universe, but trust me, they’re there and the Universe is smiling at you while you’re transmitting them.

2. Forgive and be empowered. –In the context of conscious creation, there is a thing called “residual emotions.”

These are often generated by negative events that make us angry, sad, depressed, etc. When we don’t forgive ourselves or the people who cause us to be angry or sad, we carry these negative residual emotions wherever we go.

Negative emotions, no matter who or what caused them, can taint your vibrational energy.

Forgiving someone (even yourself) will help free you from the negative emotions caused by bad events in your life. If you’re hesitant about forgiving because of personal principles, bear in mind that forgiving is not the same as accepting someone else’s beliefs or values.

To forgive someone is to let go of the anger you have because of what happened.

You’re letting go of the emotions, all the while keeping your beliefs and values intact. Being angry only slows down your efforts in conscious creation. It’s never worth it.

3. Have faith and hope. – Faith will get you through times when things don’t seem to make sense. Hope gives you strength when challenging circumstances require your 100% attention and energy. By holding on to these two, you will mature spiritually as a conscious creator.

Having faith in yourself and in the power of the Universe to make things right will help you see what others don’t, even in the most desperate of times. This is the reason why we love stories of survival and redemption. We are amazed at how heroes are able to keep the faith, even if they have already encountered the worst of circumstances.


Conscious creation can certainly be challenging to beginners because it uses a completely new paradigm to represent you, the world and how things are created in physical reality.

Hold fast to your own ability to consciously create the life of your dreams. You’ll get there soon!

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My name is James E. Wheelock. An engineer by trade, I created Manifestation Key to help people attract the things they want in life the best way possible.

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