Accessing Your Vibrational Energies

Accessing Your Vibrational Energy

What are vibrational energies?

Vibrational energy is generated by a person’s emotions, thoughts, and actions. This special energy constitutes the raw stuff for conscious creation. It’s what the Universe needs to make sense of your needs and desires. When you transmit vibrational energy to the Universe (or Source), you do so at a specific frequency.

The frequency of the transmitted energies directly communicates what you want to manifest in physical reality.

Bear in mind that simply wanting something isn’t enough to attract the object of the desire. Think about it: nearly everyone wants more money, stability, happiness, etc. But not everyone is getting what they want. Identifying one’s desire is important but that’s not the end of the process.

There is a need to know exactly what’s in your mind and heart when thoughts of your desire come up. In short, you need to access your vibrational energies to check if they’re aligned with your desired outcome.


How do you do this?

If you want to access your vibrational energies, the first thing that you have to do is to stop and meditate on your feelings. Your feelings or emotions are of utmost importance to the process of manifestation. Emotions are far more powerful than your thoughts because they dictate how you think and act.

Your emotions are responsible for triggering whole trains of thought.

Think of your current desire and examine what kinds of emotions you’re feeling. Do you feel positive or negative emotions? Are you excited and happy or are you fearful and doubtful of your ability to manifest? If your answer is “fearful and doubtful” then that is the frequency in which you are transmitting your vibrational energies.

The frequencies of fearfulness and doubt will cancel any active manifestations.

There is no “shortcut” to conscious creation that excludes the use of emotions, no matter how irrelevant you think they are. If you feel that you’re not capable of having something or you don’t deserve it, the Universe hears you and complies. What you transmit to the Universe is what you get in real life.

Since the law of attraction works like other physical laws such as gravity, it’s not possible to negotiate with it.

You can’t say “I’m afraid of change that I want a new house, a boat, and a BMW.” The message will be mixed and the outcome that you really want is unclear. An unclear message also results in a “cancelled out” manifestation.

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How do you deal with negative emotions?

Negative emotions can be dealt with easily through modulation or by mustering positive beliefs that will then generate more positive emotions. Ideas aren’t enough to change emotions for the long-term, especially if you’re dealing with powerful emotions such as fear.

Belief is the one thing that can dominate a negative emotion, no matter how deep-seated it is.

This brings us to the next step in accessing your vibrational energies: understanding your belief system.

Your belief system is the combined result of your upbringing, social background, and collective life experiences. Everyone has negative and positive beliefs. When a belief hinders a person from progressing in life, that is automatically classified as a negative belief. Positive beliefs, on the other hand, are useful in all situations because they tend to motivate the person to move forward no matter how tough things get.

The best way to examine your dominant beliefs is by writing them down on your Manifestation Journal. If you don’t have a journal yet, buy a small notebook so you can write down important information about the law of attraction.

Think of your desire first while monitoring your emotions. Be self-aware of how the mere thought of your desire is affecting you mentally and emotionally. Next, I want you to write down three things that you completely believe in that is related to the manifestation of your desire.

These three journal entries can either be positive or negative. Be as truthful as possible when writing things down in your Manifestation Journal. Here are some sample entries:

“I want to establish a successful food truck business.”

  • I’m a good cook and people will love my food.
  • I’m a hard worker and I will conquer any difficulties along the way.
  • I’m nervous about the jump from my office job to the food truck.

As you can see, not all beliefs are positive. It’s common to have one or several negative beliefs mixed in with the really positive ones. After identifying the negative beliefs, take them apart and ask yourself: why do I have these beliefs in the first place?

The more you examine negative beliefs, the more power you’ll have over them. Eventually, they will cease to have any power over your thoughts and emotions.


I’ll see everyone in the next post. Manifest something today!


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