Brain Power Tips for Everyone

Brain Power Tips

Have you ever wanted to increase your brain power to make creative and logical tasks easier to accomplish? Do you feel that your memory has suffered through the years and you’re now having trouble with it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck! Today’s post will reveal powerful tips to improve your brain’s capacity to think and process information. There are many ways to enhance your brain power… You’d be surprised!

1. Proper posture and breathing. – Believe it or not, these two have an actual physiological impact on your brain power. How? Here goes: the brain needs to be properly oxygenated in order to function at an optimal level.

That’s why v is bad for the brain because it reduces available oxygen to the brain tissues. When you’re not breathing properly, the same thing happens: your brain doesn’t get the right amount of oxygen, either.

What about posture?




Posture on the other hand, affects how a person breathes. When you’re slouched over, you won’t be able to breathe deeply from your abdominal region. What normally happens is that people end up doing shallow “chest breathing” because of their poor posture.

So from now, I would advise everyone to sit/stand up straight and breathe from their bellies instead of their chests. This way, you will be able to take deep, refreshing breaths and your brain will get all the oxygen it needs for all kinds of mental tasks.

2. Make good use of your spare time. – Do you spend all your free time watching TV or twiddling with your smartphone? If so, now would be a great time to change your “free time habits.” Since people are almost always busy nowadays, it makes sense that we make good use of any free time that we have throughout the day.

Reading would be a good start. How many books have you read this year, so far? If your answer is none or one, it’s time to boost your brain power with word power.

Drop by a bookstore and pick up some new books. Challenge your brain with novels and even thought-provoking books on society. You don’t have to be an academic to be involved in the thinking game!



3. Study a foreign language. – There’s a reason why polyglots (people who know other languages) seem smarter: that’s because they are. Learning a new language from scratch is an incredibly challenging especially when you start in late adulthood. It’s challenging but not impossible.

Choose a foreign language that you really like and try to achieve the following objectives, in order:

1. Learn the alphabet or letter sequence of the new language.
2. Learn common phrases and statements.
3. Learn how to write formally in the language.
4. Finally, learn how to read and understand text in the new language.

What if it takes too long?

Unless you have a very big need right now to learn the new language, it’s the journey to mastery that matters. As your brain grapples with the new language, it will be creating powerful new connections and these connections will remain active so long as you keep learning the new language.




4. Write stories, essays or even poetry. – Writing is a formidable discipline, but one that people can master in time. Writers are known for their razor sharp memory and wit, even in their golden years. Researchers have confirmed that continuous use of the brain through creative pursuits helps preserve brain power even in advanced age. So if you want to stay sharp and witty even when you’re hobbling around with a cane, start writing now.

Wait, I don’t know how to write!

No one knows how to write in the beginning. You need to have a model in the beginning so it’s also imperative for you to start reading. Reading will give your mind the fuel and raw material for writing. All good writers are voracious readers.

Also, don’t be afraid if it seems that your writing is less than perfect. Perfectionism has a tendency to kill any creative craft, so it’s not a helpful tendency at all. Learn to be satisfied with your output and just keep going!

What can I write about?

Write about what you’re passionate about. Everyone has his own passions and causes in life. You can now express your passions in a creative manner through writing. If you’re not good with prose, divert your energy to poetry or some other written form that feels right for you.




Mind Power Tips for Everyone


By now, we talked about the first set of steps needed to increase your brain power NATURALLY. Our primary set of guidelines includes posture adjustments, breathing from the belly, learning a new language and writing. We will be expanding our list of guidelines today. Hurray!

Here are today’s tips on making your brain more powerful than it already is:

1. Try brain programming. – Brain programming is the process of continually training the mind to accept a certain way of thinking through audio or audiovisual modules. The most widely available form of brain programming on the Web is hypnosis recordings.



What are hypnosis recordings?

Since hypnosis recordings are relatively inexpensive and easy to purchase, let’s discuss how they work. A hypnosis recording usually has two parts: the hypnotic script and the hypnotic track. The hypnotic script contains the hypnotherapist’s monologue that allows the listener to become relaxed.

When a hypnotic trance has been induced through auditory relaxation, the hypnotherapist/hypnotist then begins relaying a series of hypnotic suggestions.

These suggestions often revolve around a central thematic guiding the hypnosis recording. For example, if the hypnosis recording is all about “developing creativity,” you’ll hear suggestions about unleashing your inner writer or artist.

But does it work?

Brain programming works insofar as it encourages a person to delve into another mode of thinking. If the listener is serious about making a change then the process of brain programming is already 50% successful.




2. Spiritual dialogues. – This is a form of visualization but instead of eliciting images from your subconscious mind, you’re going to elicit vital lessons and life experiences, instead. This helps build brain power by allowing you to bridge connections in your mind through the process of active remembering.

How can you have a spiritual dialogue?

You have an Inner Self that you can communicate with any time. You simply have to “meet” your spiritual self by visualizing him/her/it into any space in your imagination, then proceed to converse with this representation of yourself. You might be surprised at how much information you can get from your subconscious mind!

What should you ask your Inner Self?

Focus on the issues in your life that have been bothering you for the longest time. Spiritual dialogues can also help in resolving long-standing issues that you may have been avoiding for years.

This will still help enhance your brain power by providing a means of reducing “mental pressure” caused by having to keep an idea at the back of your mind every day. If you resolve old issues in your life, your mind will let go of these ideas/memories for good. The process is a bit like decluttering a room so it’s not so disorganized anymore.

3. Model excellence. – We’ve all met or encountered people whom we admire for one reason or another. Modelling the excellence of others can help create a completely different mindset, one that can help you think and perform at a much higher level.

If you find it difficult to model excellence by yourself then you may want to explore the possibility of online or real-life coaching. Personal development coaches use different approaches and systems to help their clients achieve excellence in different parts of their lives.

What elements of excellence can you model?

Depending on what you want/need to accomplish, you can model any of the following elements:

a. How a person speaks/communicates with others.
b. How a person approaches problems and obstacles.
c. How a person creates new ideas and acts upon them.

These three general contours should be enough for most beginners of excellence modelling. If you need more help with this activity, you can read about modelling strategies when you key in “neuro linguistic programming” in any search engine. There are lots of books and articles on the topic.




4. Eat healthy! – Let’s not forget that the brain is organic and it requires a healthy amount of nutrients in order to function well. Sugar has been shown to cause havoc in the brain (and in the body) so I wouldn’t suggest sugary foods.

Definitely eat more whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruit.

Fruits and vegetables are all filled with natural antioxidants that help repair and maintain cellular integrity in the body. There are countless studies that show how beneficial it is for the brain to receive organic nutrients from whole foods.

Also, it’s important to remember that the body often stores toxins that come from food. This usually happens more often when a person eats commercially prepared food with lots of preservatives.



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