Creating an Outcome – Focused Mind



Creating an Outcome-Focused Mind

How do you train your brain to focus on outcomes?

The human brain is a truly amazing tool that is analytic. At any time, our brains picking out sensory inputs which are important enough to reach our conscious and subconscious minds and are always filtering ordinary information.

Our RAS, signals that can spell the difference between survival and mortal risk and or reticular activating system, is consistently in the history of our heads, sifting through ordinary sensory input.

It is also an all-natural info power station that can store memories that are graphic in a heartbeat.

With all these superb capabilities of the human brain, it’s one major limitation: it cannot believe for itself. You must actively and knowingly think to create ideas, process new information and improve your current values and beliefs.

Thinking that is conscious is the crank that keeps it going and powers the brain. If you let your brain subconsciously create ideas without your intervention that is conscious, things can go wrong very fast.

You must find and guide how your mind works. And so as to achieve success in creating positive changes in your lifetime, you must be willing to analyze and change whenever the need for it appears how you believe.

The Result Framework

What exactly is the result frame?

The result frame is more than merely a positive mental filter. It is a progressive method of solving problems and reaching targets. Unlike negative mental filters that only serve to make your worldview undesirable, the favorable frame can drastically change how you view challenges, success as well as so called “ failures.”

The first thing that you just need to do to begin the transformation would be to always ask yourself this important question:

Extracting crucial lessons from your own experiences in the sort of responses will even condition your mind to ignore negative mental filters in favor of positive and constructive thinking.

Remember: Hardly any individuals succeed in switching to an outcome frame on their first effort. If you succeeded on your first attempt, then congratulations – you’re to surmounting your current set of barriers on your way.

But if you believe you haven’t learned anything out of your past encounters afterward just keep trying. Eventually, your subconscious mind will afford the info which you need. Just remember to keep asking the question ”


How do I keep my mind happy?

Our brain has a natural tendency to generate “ and images play around” with information. A philosopher once said the human head is like a monkey that was boisterous. You have to take ahold of it so it doesn’t swing wildly from one area to another and put a path in front of it.

When you purposely establish a course for the brain in the form of a major target or a plan, it uses this trail to create targeted ideas and behavior.

In short, the mind will not be wandering around when it’s a goal to attain. It will be working diligently, the same as you’d like it to! A wandering thoughts may be a detrimental thing because when the mind doesn’t have your mindful guidance; it reverts to very simple, subconscious motivations.

Pure, subconscious motivations are nearly never sustainable (e.g. motivation for endless delight) and must merely be followed prudently.

After experiencing many drawbacks are you able to still triumph?

Drawbacks in the context of neurolinguistic programming are only situations where something didn’t work.

So it’d be a legitimate misstep to think that you can’t recover from them reverses don’t define your entire toolbox of natural talents and abilities!

In our next blog post I will disclose to you the key of getting what you desire by using information which you have in your subconscious mind.




How can your brain help you succeed?

We talked about the results frame and the first step to switch to this mental process that was newer and more productive. We learned the mind desires conscious guidance from us if we want to be effective and helpful in solving problems.

Goal-setting is really a consecutive process of solving problems that are different.

Weight loss challenges are difficulties that need sufficient alternatives. Obstacles that are goal are also issues, disguised as setbacks, shortcomings and errors. Internal and external issues can considerably change how you achieve goals.

In order for the thoughts to actively solve your issues, you have to establish a route for this.

How do you create a new path for your thoughts?

The best method setting a new course embed it deeply into the subconscious mind and your head will be to create a powerful idea that is new. Luckily, this is really more easy than it seems.

Our imaginations are already situated so the ideas you knowingly create can take root easily.

You need to ask yourself, to create the first guidepost for your own head:

What do I really want?200

Your subconscious mind may not have the answer to this question immediately, but keep trying. Our subconscious mind functions on a much deeper degree compared to the conscious mind so you won’t find how it creates answers to complicated questions.

How do you discover what you actually desire?

Because they wish to be genuinely happy in the end people usually desire to triumph with their personal goals. Happiness can sometimes be subtle so some people often jump from aim or one activity to another in the hopes that they’d be able to figure out what really makes them happy.

While it really is true that life experiences provide the best “raw material” for our minds, without executing anything significant jumping from one target to the other, is an expensive, time consuming way to find the root of your private happiness.

Rather than experimenting with half-formed strategies and unsound decisions, why not just use daydreaming to assist you to determine your true path?

The brain can’t for itself – it wants your conscious guidance think. The subconscious mind thrives on new ideas and craves for a new, significant path to travel.

What’s a guided daydream?

Guided daydreaming can supply your head with a brand new path to explore. Daydreaming makes use of the brain’s creative nerve pathways which can be directly linked with the subconscious mind.

You can feed the right information to your subconscious mind, if you perform a guided daydream correctly. As a consequence it can start creating strategies that will then allow you to achieve real happiness.

1. Visualize

Locate a quiet spot to visualize and imagine. A room with subdued lights is perfect, though you’ll be able to perform a guided daydream in in a quiet area in a nearby park or various places, such as the public library.

2. All Aboard!

Shut your eyes and visualize that you’re travelling into the future. You’re flying into space and into a galactic tunnel with cosmic winds and strong light that illuminates everything.

3. Travel in Style

Command the tunnel where you are truly happy to bring you to a future point in time. Set the clock forward several decades if you desire!


4. Explore

Ask the tunnel to make the stop when you’re prepared. When you feel safe to leave the tunnel, enter the future time and place. Look around you and investigate where you landed.

Look for familiar faces and pay attention to what people are doing. What would you do for a living at this time? Who are the familiar faces which are there in the future time for you?

5. Homecoming

Say good-bye, when you are finished investigating the future time and call to bring you home. Wake up gently in the daydream that is guided and write down important things that you’ve learned.

6. The Ultimate Step

The sixth and final measure is, in addition, the most significant of them all: start taking actions!



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