Develop Confidence in the Law of Attraction

Develop Confidence in the Law of Attraction


How can you become a confident conscious creator?

If you’re a new reader, the term “conscious creator” refers to individuals who actively use the law of attraction to magnetize or draw things into their lives.

The law of attraction is one of the oldest and most powerful laws of the Universe and has been around since the beginning of Creation. Among the known divine laws, the law of attraction is the governing law that facilitates all other laws in the Universe.

Like gravity, the law of attraction applies to everything and every one of us.

The idea of drawing things to oneself is not new. The oldest civilizations in the world have existing texts that allude to the law of attraction. Thought attracts real things into existence – this has always been the case since the beginning of time.

Not everyone knows or believes in the law of attraction, but that won’t stop it from working in your life.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the law of attraction, welcome to my blog! Today’s post will center on the steps that will allow you to practice manifestation or conscious creation confidently and fearlessly.

1. First, believe. – Belief builds character and in the case of a conscious creator, believing that the Universe is capable of giving you everything that you want will aid you in focusing on asking and receiving.

It’s important that you never doubt that you will receive or manifest something because even the smallest hint of a doubt can cause the process of manifestation to reverse itself.

The Universe receives and reflects all types of vibrational energies.

This means that if you’re sending the constant signal “I’m always short of cash,” that’s all the Universe hears. And since law of attraction is an immutable, divine law, the Universe reflects the condition of lack back to the person that was transmitting it in the first place

It’s easy for us to remember what we want so it would be best not to repeat yourself after you’ve asked for something.

Think of your desire very clearly, just once, and let everything else proceed naturally. There is no need to continue asking the Universe for the same thing repeatedly because this usually means that the conscious creator has doubts as to whether the manifestation will actually take place.

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2. Second, act as if the desire has manifested. – This is a very powerful step in the manifestation process.

I’ve mentioned this before in my other posts but it bears repeating here: many people focus on not having what they desire.

The law of attraction is very efficient so if there’s a feeling of lack mixed with your other positive signals, you will likely get an incomplete or mixed outcome.

An excellent solution to this problem would be to condition your mind and heart to believe that what you desire is already there. The idea here is you’re going to fire up your imagination so that it remains focused on the good things about the manifestation.




As long as your mind is churning out positive vibrational energy, the manifestation will proceed at lightning pace. You might be surprised at how fast the Universe can give you what you want!

3. Third, know it and own it. – So you say that you believe that your desire is yours… Let’s kick it up a notch.

Step three is owning your desire completely. Embrace your desire as if no one else deserves it in this world. If you want a car, breathe and think as if the car is already parked outside your house. In your heart, stamp out the final vestiges of doubt and open your mind to materializing and receiving the abundance that you have asked of the Universe.

Like a powerful river, the Universe’s bounty will flood into your life during conscious creation. Positive circumstances will mysteriously appear out of nowhere. Favorable elements will suddenly be at hand. But as a conscious creator, you know that you didn’t leave anything to look.

What you have, you’ve attracted to your physical reality.

When good things start to happen, it’s not because someone was attracting something for you. It’s because you were attracting those good things in the first place.

No one else has the power to attract things into your life but yourself.

However, the source of the energy that fuels the manifestation process can be influenced by negativity from external agents, such as friends and family who don’t believe that you can manifest your desires. You have to be very careful when letting someone negative into your life because his/her negativity just might affect the frequency of your vibrational energies.




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