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Growing Into Abundance – Getting Started & Powerful Tips


Growing Into Abundance: Getting Started


What is the abundance mindset?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “mindset” as a group of established attitudes about something. A mindset isn’t just a set of ideas; it’s actually comprised of your attitudes, beliefs, values and ideas about a certain aspect of your life.

Many people are victims of the scarcity mindset.

The central idea behind the scarcity mindset is very simple: there’s never enough of anything. That’s what scarcity is about: lack and not having enough.




People have a tendency to look at themselves and the world in general in terms of what they don’t have. This can have an adverse effect on a person’s life because if a person is constantly focused on what he thinks he can’t or doesn’t have, that’s what he’s attracting, too.

Our thoughts and emotions attract things for us.

There is no shortcut or way around this. We are freely-transmitting beings and the Universe is constantly waiting for vibrational energy from us. This energy in turn is reflected back to your reality. Thoughts are literally transformed into physical, lived experiences.

To become truly successful and happy, we all need to develop an abundance mindset.

If you’ve never heard of the abundance mindset in your life, that’s alright because that’s precisely what I’m going to share with everyone today!


The very first step in the growth process is to think of abundance all the time.

If we can worry so much about not having things, why can’t we choose to turn the tide so we can focus instead on abundance?

I know that this might sound strange and impractical, but hear me out: did you know that the human brain is only truly capable of understanding affirmative statements? When it discerns a negative statement, what is encoded is the affirmative or actionable form. Here are some examples:

“I don’t want to be late” becomes “I want to be late.”
“I don’t want to be poor” becomes “I want to be poor.”
“I don’t want to be lonely” becomes “I want to be lonely.”

While we all understand the linguistic meaning of such statements and ideas, what is embedded in the mind is completely different.

Proof of this is the fact that negative statements or ideas tend to multiply and cause further anxiety and worry. What usually results is a powerful negative pattern that can completely overtake a person’s confidence:

“I don’t have money.” → “I’m always poor.” → “I never have any savings.” → “I’ll never have great things.”




What’s the solution?

It’s not enough to tell yourself “okay, I won’t think negative anymore.” You have to start thinking positively. This is where affirmative statements come to the fore. Below are some sample affirmations that can help transform your thought patterns.”

“I have enough of what I need.”
“I am abundant in all respects.”
“My life has more happiness than anything else.”
“I find strength in my family.”

You can definitely create your own positive affirmations to suit your needs.

Why do words have such a strong impact on the psyche?

I get this question a lot from beginning practitioners of manifestation. We live in a world where language in general is taken for granted because it’s immaterial. What many people don’t know is that everything in this world is achieved through the use of language.

Reality wouldn’t make much sense without words and symbols – it’s all we have.

To simplify the argument, we are able to make sense of the world and take action precisely because we’re capable of thinking and comprehending the world in terms of a particular language. This is why words and consequently, ideas, are such powerful parts of the abundance mindset.

The words and ideas that we live by directly contribute to how we shape our individual slices of physical reality.

So from now on it would be best to make an effort to speak the language of abundance whenever we can so our positive mindsets are also preserved. All this may sound overwhelming in the beginning especially when you’re so used to thinking negatively most of the time.

But trust me, the negativity will eventually melt away and like I said before, you will be able to grow into the abundance mindset. The change isn’t going to be abrupt at all and you’re actually going to enjoy the transition from having a dominantly negative mindset to having a more positive and abundant one.
Always remember: you’re in charge of your mindset and therefore, you’ll also have control of reality.




Growing Into Abundance: Powerful Tips

We talked about the importance of changing the language that we use so we don’t end up giving subconsciously negative instructions to ourselves.

Now we will wrap up the two-part series on the abundance mindset. You’re in for a treat today because I will be relating to all my readers powerful tips on developing and sustaining an abundant mind.banner1-468x60

Now that we’re done with the first phase, which is changing how you think of life and reality in general, we’re ready to proceed with the sub-steps of the transformation process:

1. Appreciate what you have in life. – The abundance mindset is like a seed that you have to plant and care for. You don’t get a big tree immediately, but you do have the opportunity to grow the abundance mindset in an unlimited fashion.

In our last discussion, we talked about how we can use positive affirmations to keep our thoughts and emotions positive at all times. There’s another strategy that creates the exact same effect in your life and that’s being appreciative.




Appreciativeness not only lifts your mood: it also gives you a different perspective of life.

When you choose to appreciate all the good things that are in your life right now, you will see just how fortunate you are and more importantly, how many resources you actually have.

Knowing all the accessible resources in your life is important when you’re practicing manifestation/conscious creation because one of the big questions that will come up when you’re actively receiving something from the Universe is: what resources can you use to be able to take action?

Receiving any form abundance requires action and the expenditure of certain resources.


2. Find better company. – The old saying goes: birds of a feather, flock together. This old saying describes our intrinsic desire and need to be part of a group that partly/wholly reflects what/who we think we are.

In the context of manifestation and abundance, associating with people who are negative and self-defeating all the time isn’t healthy. It’s not healthy for conscious creators or anyone else for that matter.

If you find yourself constantly barring negative thoughts and ideas from the people you spend time with, there’s no other recourse: you have to find better company. Don’t worry: you don’t have to cut off people from your life at all.

However, you do have to find better company so that most of your time is spent with people who are transmitting positive vibrational energies themselves. The road to finding such company won’t be an easy one, but trust me, you will eventually find these people.


3. Keep yourself positive and motivated. – When challenging situations arise, it’s easy for people to say that they can’t do it or it’s too hard. We’re human, we all feel vulnerable/fragile sometimes.

In order to combat feelings of frailty or vulnerability, all you have to do is remind yourself of your strengths and capacities. In short, you need recast yourself as being the more dominant force in the situation so you won’t feel so vulnerable anymore.

For example, if you feel that a current obstacle in your life is too big to handle alone, you can think of your support network and how certain people can help you overcome what you’re dealing with right now.

What we’re after is that vital shift in how we feel and think.

The day you master the ability to quickly seize control of negative thoughts and emotions, that would also be the day that you’ll be able to fully grow your abundance mindset because 99% of the time, it’s your mindset that’s the culprit.




4. Realign yourself with personal reflection. – In our hyperactive day and age, hardly anyone stops to smell the roses and reflect about their lives. If you can’t remember the last time you performed a personal reflection, then definitely have to do it today.

Here are some guide questions that will help you reflect:

– What’s the best thing that happened to you during the day?
– Were you happier or sadder today? Why?
– Are you moving closer to your goals? Talk about it.
– What surprisingly positive events helped you get through today?

It’s important that you keep the discussion in your head positive because there’s also a common tendency to worry endlessly at the end of the day. Many of you will try to reflect just before going to sleep (which is fine) but you have to seize control of how the reflection process goes.


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