Harmful Habits of Conscious Creators

Harmful Habits of Conscious Creators


What habits and beliefs can harm your acts of manifestation?

While it’s true that conscious creators are more aware of their thoughts and emotions because they want to shorten the countdown to the final manifestation of their desires, this doesn’t mean that they are completely safe from harmful thought patterns, beliefs, and habits.

A habit is considered harmful if it pushes a conscious creator of| the Universe’s “abundance circuit.”

The abundance circuit is the complex flow of energy that connects everyone (including me and you) to the unlimited abundance of the Universe. The abundance circuit is driven purely by positive energy, for obvious reasons. You cannot attract abundance with negative energy.

Are there other energy pathways?

Yes. The biggest threat to conscious creation is the “circuit of lack.” The circuit of lack is self-explanatory – like attracts like so if you’re within this negative energy flow, you’re not going to attract more of the good stuff. You’re going to attract less or none of what you want. And you will probably attract a truckload of things that you don’t want in the process.

A person is in the circuit of lack if he thinks along the lines of:

“I’m always in debt.”

“There’s never enough money.”

“No one will ever take me seriously.”

“I’ll be late again.”

“I’m so tired of it all.”

“My job sucks.”

Or even:

“I’m so stupid I can’t do anything right.”

These statements are symptomatic of an underlying belief system that prevents a person from consciously manifesting abundance in all its forms. When you find yourself with such thoughts, there’s certainly no doubt that you’re currently swimming in a negative energy stream.

Don’t worry – you’re free to leave the negative energy stream anytime.


You only have to spot the problematic belief, habit or behavior so you can take it apart and leave it in the dust.

A single negative element in your mindset can cause long-term negative consequences to your energy timeline, so deal with each negative element as you spot them.




Symptoms of Lack

The following list will help you spot elements that belong to the circuit of lack:

1. “It will never work.” – Dismissiveness snuffs out hopes and possibilities before you’re even able to test your ideas and plans.If you’re always dismissive and skeptical of everything, even of things that may actually work, the process of searching for answers and solutions would be longer and more difficult for you.

2. “I can’t do that.” – Believing that you’re only capable of succeeding in a handful of things will close new avenues of growth and personal development. Instead of allowing fear to rule your life, let courage take the fore. If you don’t succeed immediately, pick up the pieces and try again.

3. “_______ told me that I can’t do it and I believe it.” – Listening to positive advice is a sound practice. However, if you listen only to negative people who tell you that what you’re trying to do will ultimately fail, you’re allowing other people to sabotage your reality.

If you want sound advice, listen to your Inner Voice or True Self instead. You may be surprised at how much insight you can get by communicating with your spiritual self. Your spiritual self will have your best interests in mind and it will never sabotage you out of jealousy or plain ignorance.

4. “My passion has nothing to do with it.” – Putting your real passions in life on the backburner is the ultimate spirit killer. You will be unhappy and burned out all the time, plus you will be unable to enjoy the fruits of your labor because, at the back of your mind, there will always be a longing for something else.

If you believe that your passions in life will take you nowhere, first ask yourself if you’ve actually tried investing time and energy in them. If not, then you have your answer: they have yet to prove that they’re worth your time because you haven’t utilized them sufficiently.

5. “It has to be perfect.” – Perfectionism has no place in conscious creation. You don’t have to be perfect to manifest your dreams – you just have to be positive and diligent in receiving the bounty of the Universe.

There is not one good thing that will come out of a person’s obsession with perfectionism because “perfect” is relative and what’s perfect for you might be completely flawed to another person.

Additionally, you will likely repel the people closest to you because they don’t understand or accept what you’re trying to accomplish with perfectionism. Do you want to drive away family and friends out of frustration? Of course, you don’t. Perfectionism doesn’t belong in the abundance circuit, so feel free to discard it like an old sock.

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