How to Deal with Resistance to Manifestation

Resistance to Manifesting – Tips to Balance Your Beliefs

Where does inner resistance to conscious creation come from?

Each person is capable of wanting or desiring things for himself/herself; a Law of attraction premise.  Unfortunately, merely wanting something is not a guarantee that negativity will be held at bay.

This paradox often confuses conscious creators because they have to simultaneously manage positive and negative thoughts and emotions that surround a single desire or need.

This imbalance in vibrational energies is caused by misaligned beliefs.

A belief is a subjective conceptualization of something that we believe to be factual or true. Beliefs are highly subjective and it is possible for one person to have a large collection of beliefs that he hasn’t actually examined at all using a more objective perspective.

Restoring your energy balance requires a quick examination of beliefs surrounding your desire.

It’s possible for a person to be only dimly aware of a belief until something comes along to make a belief (or set of beliefs) rise to the surface of a person’s waking consciousness.

Here is a step by step guide for examining your beliefs and restoring your vibrational energy balance in the process!

Step 1: State your desire.

If you have to, say it out loud. Be confident in the fact that you want something great for yourself. In my case, I write down anything that I want to manifest, with additional details if I want to be really specific. Also, be completely honest with yourself and don’t let fear, doubt or any other negativity hamper your enthusiasm to state what you actually want the Universe to manifest for you.

Step 2: Identify your main belief.

Your main belief should be directly associated with why you want the desire to manifest in the first place. Thoughts and feelings that revolve around your willingness to receive the abundance should be noted. It would be a good idea to grab your Manifestation Journal at this point so you can write things down.


Step 3: Monitor additional beliefs.

There are no big or small beliefs in the context of the law of attraction. “Small” or “minor” beliefs can influence your vibrational frequency to the point that the manifestation process begins to reverse itself. Be aware of the other beliefs that you may have about your current desire, especially the ones that cause you to be doubtful, anxious, angry, etc.

Step 4: Consolidate your beliefs.

After brainstorming, write down everything that you’ve learned about your beliefs. List down all of the beliefs that you think are affecting your conscious creation efforts. There are no wrong answers here.

Record everything and anything that comes to mind. It can be an image, word, feeling or sound.

It can even be that strange feeling you keep getting in your stomach when you think of your target desire. All of these are valid clues as to what beliefs you really have about yourself and your present desire.

Step 5: Weed out the bad ones.

After identifying the negative beliefs, take them apart and discover why you have such beliefs in the first place. A technique that I’ve found useful through the years is “submodality modification.”

Essentially you’re going to imagine what your negative belief looks like (image, texture, color, etc.) and modify those attributes so that the belief’s grip on your mind is loosened. The trick is to make the belief comical or absurd so that the mind changes its immediate reaction to it.

Step 6: How do you feel now?

After dealing with the negative beliefs directly, re-examine how you feel about your desire. Has it improved? If so, congratulations! You’ve successfully dealt with misaligned beliefs. If not, keep working on those beliefs until they’re no longer controlling how you feel and think about the things that you want in your life.


Maintaining balance in your life is an on-going effort… Never tire of it. Many of the exercises that I encourage conscious creators to perform actually center on removing negativity, wherever it may be hiding in their lives. We constantly go back to the premise “like attracts like” because it’s fairly easy to fall back into old ways, old habits and old patterns of thought.

From now on, I want you to reinvent yourself as a conscious creator with full knowledge that negativity no longer has control over your life. Today is your day. Every year is your year of successful, conscious creation. The Universe’s bounty is your birthright as much as it is mine. We are forever bathed by the endless abundance of the Universe and the limitless possibilities of human life.

Manifest something today and enjoy life!


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