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Increase Your Mental Power Starting Today


When you think about it, we give our minds such little attention through the years because we expect it to operate an optimum level all the time. But what if I tell you that like our muscles, our brains also loses its strength and vitality through the years? Don’t wait more, increase your mental power.


In order to keep your mind strong and agile even in your golden years, you need to start enhancing it today. 


Don’t wait until next week or next month – pay attention to your mind today.

Here’s a list of exercises and activities that will consequently improve your brain health and/or mental power:


  1. Mental relaxation – If your mind is constantly tired from worrying and overthinking, it won’t operate at its peak. Ideally, everyone should be able to go on a vacation whenever they feel burned out from life’s stresses. However, this isn’t realistic so I would just advise you to meditate.


You can meditate today by following these simple steps:

  • Find a comfortable chair and sit down.
  • Straighten your back comfortably and make sure your head is aligned well with your spine.
  • Focus on an imaginary dot on the wall in front of you.
  • Begin breathing deeply from your belly. Count from 1-3 when you inhale and while slowly exhaling, count once again from 3-1.
  • If the mental peace is disturbed by any thoughts, acknowledge the thoughts and continue with the meditation
  • It’s pointless to keep thinking that your mind needs to be clear. I can assure you, this will only contribute to more distracting thoughts.
  • In the beginning, you can meditate for 3-5 minutes. As you gain more experience you can extend the duration of your meditation.


The Fine Art of Influence

  1. Listen to classical music regularly – A study from the journal “Personality and Individual Differences” concluded that listening to Mozart can result in an eight-point increase in a person’s spatial intelligence quotient or IQ.


This massive increase in IQ is attributed to the complexity and structure of classical music.

While classical music is light on the ears, its structure is often more complex than your usual pop or rock song. As a result, the brain is challenged to make sense of the music at an accelerated pace, because the music just keeps going when you listen to it.

Make no mistake, though: listening to music, in general, can help expand your awareness and creative prowess.

What I would suggest at this juncture is to mix classical music (like Mozart) with your favorite tunes so you’ll get a great balance of mental input that would directly increase your spatial IQ while triggering your natural creativity.

  1. Keep that stress in check. – Chronic, unchecked stress reduces your ability to think logically especially in times of trouble or problems.


A study published in the “Journal of Occupational Medicine” showed that individuals who were constantly stressed from their occupation/work were also prone to committing errors and encountering accidents.


The first step in effective stress management is knowing what’s stressing you.

A stressor can be a behavior, constant interactions/stimuli or even the people around you. List down what’s actually causing stress in your life so you can start facing them.

Deal with stress as you would a problem. If you can solve a stressor by ending the conflict or by avoiding it completely, do it. If there is nothing you can do to address a stressor because it’s fixed in your life or environment then perhaps the best thing to do is to not stress over it anymore.


Fast Tip: Deep, rhythmic breathing from the belly can help soothe your nerves. Before lashing out at someone because you became angry or frustrated, try deep breathing for a couple of minutes first. You’ll see that emotions can be controlled easily if you really want to do it.




  1. Don’t let distractions get to you. – I know some people who are easily distracted and they’re not happy at all! Distractions disturb the flow of work and ideas, making it hard for easily-distracted people to continue what they were doing.

If you’re in an office setting and you keep getting distracted by people who want to talk to you, it’s best to just tell these people outright that you’re not happy with being disturbed.

Say it nicely, though. As for the random bits of information that we all have to deal with, try writing them down the moment they arrive. This way, you won’t have to think of this information just to keep track of them.


We talked about the importance of managing stress, playing classical music and meditating to improve your mental power. In the conclusion, we’ll be tackling more strategies to help improve your mental prowess.

A side note: If you reached my blog because you’re practicing conscious creation/Law of Attraction, these tips will still be helpful to you.

Why? A strengthened mind naturally has more clarity and this is an essential trait of a conscious creator.

Practitioners of manifestation use their minds more often than non-practitioners because they have to generate vibrational energy for the purpose of attracting the right variables into their lives.


The Tips

1. Do some things differently. I often hear teenagers complain “it’s so boring, it’s killing me!” Well, this is certainly an exaggeration but there’s a grain of truth embedded in the complaint: boredom and routine can have a negative impact on your mental capacity.

When routine has taken over your life, the brain loses interest in the things that you do because everything is so predictable. The brain needs to be challenged regularly so that it will continue developing.




Here are some ways to challenge your brain on a daily basis without severely disrupting your schedule:

1. Drive to work using a slightly different route. If you have to leave earlier, do it.

2. Don’t take the elevator, take the stairs instead.

3. Spend time walking around the compound of your office building and find interesting details. Keep doing this when you have short breaks.

4. Brush your teeth using you non-dominant hand. This is definitely challenging, but fun nonetheless.



2. Start reading/Read some more. – Reading engages the brain’s creative regions and also helps enrich your vocabulary. If you used to read before but not so much anymore because you’ve become busy with work, now may be a good time to start reading again.

On the other hand, if you’re not used to reading at all, it’s never too late to get into the habit.

My advice would be to visit your nearest local bookstore and pick up two or three new books that really interest you. Take time in browsing your bookstore’s titles: I’m sure that you’ll find books that will encourage you to start reading again.

What if I don’t like reading?

If you don’t like reading, there are other ways to challenge the creative center of the mind.

You can learn to play a new musical instrument. If you think you’d like to try art like drawing, painting, sketching or even sculpting, then go ahead and try them. Some people try unusual interests like clay pottery and they’re as happy as can be.




3. Exercise regularly. – I know that this piece of advice would raise plenty of eyebrows, so let me explain myself. For more than two decades now, scientists around the world have been encountering the same results with their studies: exercise does improve brain function while keeping the rest of your body healthy.

When you exercise, your blood pressure goes down (the same goes for your stress level) and the body is oxygenated more effectively, too. So while it’s true that exercising won’t solve your problems for you, it can help condition your brain to function better. For me, that is a great opportunity to enhance your mental power.

4. Challenge your brain to remember. With the advent of smart phones and calendar/to-do apps, we barely have to remember anything anymore. We can just write down stuff and not be bothered to encode bits of new information in the brain.

When we become too dependent on memory aids, the part of the brain that takes care of long-term memory “goes to sleep” because it isn’t needed as much.

This can become a problem when you’re trying to enhance your mental faculties because one of the most essential functions of the brain is its ability to encode and remember new information.

5. Solve puzzles, play games. – Board games and puzzles are traditional tools for enhancing the mind. Don’t think that you’re too old for such mind tools, because no one is.

Personally, I love playing chess because it really challenges me to think logically and no game is ever the same. There are always variations in each game so I have to think of a different strategy every time.

What about video games?

Video games have been shown to increase mental acuity. Just make sure that you don’t play too much because that can also be harmful to the mind. But don’t be afraid of video games because they’re generally good for the mind.


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