Inner Healing Simplified – 6 Strategies to Restore Energy

How can you initiate the process of inner healing?

Getting hurt is a fact of life – it’s a sign that you’re alive and kicking in this challenging world. We humans get hurt in a variety of ways – physical, mental, emotional, etc. Many people agree that physical pain is the easiest to recover from. Wounds eventually close. Scars fade into lividity, even if it might take a couple of months. Fractures? They heal too.

Mental, emotional and spiritual wounds on the other hand, sometimes never heal.



We’re not all resistant to wounds that affect the mind and soul. Many of us walk around with deep wounds that require inner healing. Today’s post will focus on the process of healing the soul so you can complete your spiritual transformation into a powerful conscious creator.

Why do you need to heal emotional/mental/spiritual wounds?

Simple: your vibrational energy balance is affected by these wounds.

You may be happy that you are trying to manifest something at the moment, but you may also be reeling from old wounds that are resurfacing because they’re associated with your present desire.

Inner healing will help restore the balance of your energies.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you probably already know that simply wanting something isn’t sufficient to make something happen. You have to take action to complete the universal circuit of abundance. The following strategies will show you how.



Inner Healing Strategies

1. Accept that you are brave enough. – Current challenges in your life may cause deep emotional wounds especially when you’re unable to surmount them despite your best efforts. Sometimes we keep failing at the same thing over and over because we come from a place of fearfulness.

Before you try conquering another mountain in your life, ask yourself: do I feel brave? If the answer is no, ask yourself: what obstacles have I already overcome in the past? Write down these items in your Manifestation Journal if you have to.

You will see that you’re braver than you think and there is no logical reason for you to think otherwise. Instead of using your past failures as brakes, use them as stepping stones in your search for better solutions to your problems.

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2. Don’t let rejection crush your spirit. – Getting rejected is painful, we all know this to be true. However, getting rejected once or even a hundred times is not a sufficient reason to be depressed.

In the context of the law of attraction, rejection is actually a means for the Universe to communicate that something better is waiting for you somewhere else.

Perhaps there was a good reason why the Universe didn’t allow you to get something before. The Universe is a naturally positive force in people’s lives so we can trust it to know what’s best for us.

3. Don’t dwell on past mistakes and bad experiences. – Your mind and spirit will never heal if you continue replaying bad memories in your imagination.

If you’re going through a grieving period, you can facilitate the healing process by allowing yourself to grieve but at the same time, try to balance the good and bad things happening in your life.

I’m not asking you to cut the grieving process short, as this can be done, but rather to make the process more bearable by actively helping your spirit recover from the hurt and loss.

4. Transform the negative into positive. – It’s not always easy, but it can be done. Negative events can sometimes offer unique opportunities to achieve something else. The challenging part is to figure out what the unique opportunity might be.

This technique is especially useful when you’re faced with shortcomings related to your personal development. In addition to finding the silver lining, find what else you can do to counteract the current series of events. This way, you will be able to divert your energy and time into something more positive and fulfilling.

5. Forgive yourself. – Feeling guilty for past mistakes even after you’ve done your part in rectifying the consequences is a very unproductive way of spending your limited energy. In order to let go of the guilt, you must learn to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself and move forward and never look back to feel guilty again.

6. Help others.Helping another person recover will give you the confidence and necessary perspective to feel good about yourself and your life in general. Simple contrasts of experiences will also make you realize how much control you have over your life, compared to others who have been given much bigger challenges in life.

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