Manifestation Made Easy – 8 Law of Attraction Hacks

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Manifestation Made Easy

Is there a step by step process for manifesting a person’s desires?

First-time practitioners of the law of attraction are often at a loss as to where to start when it comes to manifesting their desires. The tracts of literature that describe and instruct conscious creators are wide and varied.

There are many approaches to manifesting and in my experience, all of them work just fine if you exert effort in understanding the wisdom behind the literature.

But the problem remains: there’s just too much to read to get started immediately.

I’ve encountered the same problem when I was starting out and it wasn’t fun slogging through so much text just to get started. So I’ve compiled a list of basic steps that will allow you to begin with your manifestation efforts.

Bear in mind that these are just the primary steps for manifestation.

You still need to deepen your knowledge of the law of attraction by using training systems that were designed to help you manifest different kinds of desires.


The 4 Steps to Manifestation Made Easy

Step 1: Identify Your Desire

We attract all sorts of things without knowing it. Manifestation has been occurring in your life since the day you were born and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. So the big difference now is we’re going to take the bull by the horns so you’ll have conscious control of the universal manifestation process.

Since we’re aiming for “conscious creation”, you need to be aware of what you’re naturally magnetizing in your life. This process of consciously manifesting desires begins with identifying the exact desire and outcome that you want to enjoy.

You need to be very specific with identifying your desire. Here’s an example of how you can become very specific:

“I want to be rich.” (How rich?) → “I want to have a million dollars in my bank account.” (How do you want to receive this wealth?) → “I want to earn a million dollars by becoming a successful business person.” (What kind of business?) → “I want to earn a million dollars by becoming an international publisher of useful programs.”

It’s important to note that the more specific you are, the faster the manifestation will be. Why? Because your mind and body harmonize with the desire more effectively. The more aligned your being is your desire, the more easily the Universe will be able to reflect your desire back to physical reality.


Manifestation Made Easy


Step 2: Behave Like It Has Happened

We’ve tackled this point before in previous blog posts. When a person behaves as if something has already come to pass, he becomes completely aligned with the desire itself. The person’s thoughts, emotions, and life experiences become defined by the arrival of the desire.

Here’s a good example: let’s say that you want to buy a new car. Before, you didn’t even think of checking out a car from the dealership because you felt that you didn’t have enough money for it.

When you employ the second step, you have to let go of the fear. So you visit the dealership and test drive the car that you want. You create a firm and powerful connection with your desire and you hold on to that connection no matter what.

Step 3: Magnify with Thankfulness

This is a “secret step” that I frequently use as a shortcut of sorts. We all know that our thoughts often struggle to influence our emotions.

Sometimes we’re happy but our emotions drag our thoughts down. I’ve discovered that when I want to attract something badly, it comes to me much more easily when I practice thankfulness on a daily basis.

Why does this work?

Thankfulness or gratitude works because it’s one of the powerful universal arts.

It generates only positive energy and it has a powerful effect on the human psyche. When a person is thankful, his mood is also improved and thus, he becomes more effective in thinking of ways to receive his desire in physical reality.




Step 4: Receive Your Desire

Receiving one’s desire is an active process in the context of the law of attraction. This is not the same as holding out your hand and saying “give me what I want.” “Receiving” is equivalent to “taking action.”

Physical reality is bound by rules and the Universe uses the materiality of your reality to manifest your desires. You have to move and take action to receive what you wished for. If you don’t actively receive it, the manifestation process simply won’t work.


So you want to use the law of attraction?

Great decision!

Today’s post will focus on the eight things that you can start doing today to begin you work as a conscious creator.

A conscious creator is someone who uses the law of attraction to manifest great things in his life. The collective term for the things that we attract is “universal abundance.”

We call it “universal” for two reasons: first, everything that we have and everything else that we want to attract all come from the Source or the Universe. The second reason is that the Source’s abundance is universal in the truest sense of the word.

There are no limits as to what you can achieve with conscious creation.

New car? No problem. Need a better love life than before? Check! Maybe your house has much-needed repairs but you don’t have extra funds for them? Well, ask the Universe!


Law of Attraction Hacks


The Eight Law of Attraction Hacks


1. Start Thinking Straight – You’re a conscious creator now. Stop doubting that you can do this! The law of attraction states that our thoughts create a continuous stream of vibrational energy that is transmitted directly to the Universe.

Instead of giving way to doubt, anxiety or worries, focus on what you want to manifest instead. Feel the happiness welling up from inside, because you’re telling the Universe what you want in your life.


2. Don’t Be Afraid – Fear is an incredibly powerful negative emotion that can paralyze a person, even if he has all the skills and resources to receive what he’s manifesting.

99% of the time, fear is based on irrational thoughts and other negative emotions, such as doubt. Allowing fear to dominate your mindset will only push you back until you feel that you can’t do it anymore.

Conquer fear by examining the reasons behind your emotion. Write down the thoughts that give rise to the fear. Are they all based on concrete facts or not? Nine times out of 10, thoughts that give rise to fear are IRRATIONAL and can be discarded wholesale.


Roller Coaster Rid


3. Be Your Best Friend – Be your number one supporter! If you wait for others to motivate or encourage you, you’re only slowing yourself down. Completely believe in your capacity to manifest and you’re going to start seeing results.

Also, don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes. Learn from your past errors and just keep moving forward. Only then would you be able to liberate yourself from destructive, negative thinking.


4. Unleash Your True Desires – This is extremely important, especially for first time conscious creators.

Don’t focus on manifesting tiny desires. Go big! Dream big! In fact, the bigger your desire, the better your results. Why? Because big desires have “accompanying elements” that are also positive in nature.

For example, if you want to establish your own business, it also follows that you need to meet good and dependable people who will help you achieve your dream. The Universe will send the circumstances that will allow you to manifest your desires. So in the end, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.


5. Discard the Unnecessary – Many of us walk around with a ton of emotional baggage from negative experiences in the past. You have to lighten your load if you want to succeed in manifesting your desires.

For example, if you failed at something in the past but you still want to achieve it now, you have to let go of all the bad memories and emotions associated with the past failure.


6. Cut Negative Connections ASAP – Negative people will only transform you into one of them. There’s no point in keeping negative people around because they’ll only give you wrong assumptions about what you can accomplish.


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7. Clear Your Mind – Clearing your mind is simpler than you think. By practicing meditation a few minutes a day, you’ll be able to clear the fog created daily by stress and pressures at work or at home. Five minutes of meditation is all you need to “reboot” your vibrational energies.


8. Fine-Tune Your Vibrations – What does “fine tuning” mean in the context of the law of attraction? This refers to the act of examining your present thoughts and emotions to find out if you have any negative elements mixed in with the positive ones.

By doing this you’ll be able to avoid sending mixed signals to the Universe. Mixed signals can affect your conscious creation efforts, slowing them down because the Universe has to reflect the negative elements, too.


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