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Mastering Your Vibrations – How to Create Mind Magic

 Mastering Your Vibrations

What is vibrational energy?

Vibrational energy is the collective term for all the spiritual energies that we produce on a daily basis. The spiritual energy that a person emanates is transmitted directly to the Universe. Conscious creation becomes possible through the transmission of spiritual energy.

It’s important to remember that vibrational energy always has a frequency.

The frequency that you transmit to the Universe is determined by the nature, quality and content of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

If you’re practicing conscious creation, you probably already know how important it is to keep your vibrational energies in check so you won’t end up sending the wrong message to the Universe.




Here are some ways you can “order from the Universe’s mega catalogue” without skipping a beat:

1. Always seek happiness – Happiness is the antidote to all kinds of negativity. In moments of sadness or anger, always choose to feel/experience happiness. There are two easy ways to achieve this.

The first way is to remember events in your life that truly made you happy. It doesn’t matter how long ago the events happened. As long as the memories you choose are able to bring out positive emotions, they’re suitable.

The second method can be used when it’s not practical to daydream because of the nature of what you’re experiencing at the moment. For example, if you’re trying to find a solution to a troublesome problem, recalling happy memories may be counterproductive.

Instead of focusing on old memories, what you can do is find the silver lining in the situation. There’s always something positive even in the worst situations. I’m not asking you to be blind to truth or reality. What I’m really asking you to do is to widen your perspective so you’ll see the big picture and not just the worst parts.


2. Feel truly unfettered and unlimited. – This is a great concept that I share with friends and family from time to time. When you’re practicing conscious creation you may be faced with situations where you feel small in comparison to what you’re trying to manifest or attract to your life. You may feel that you’re somehow not worthy of what you’re trying to magnetize to your corner of physical reality.


This is a very limiting emotional experience, one that you have to pay close attention to if you want to be truly successful with conscious creation.

How can this be resolved?

It will take a little practice before the habit of “thinking small” is fully resolved. Here’s what you can do: whenever you feel that you can’t do something, I want you to stop and say out loud “I’ve already done it!” You can also coin a positive affirmation of your own if my example doesn’t feel or sound right.

Repeat this exercise and most importantly, believe that you’re not bound by any limitations.

If you want, you can visualize yourself expanding, towering above everything else (including your problems!) Hold that mental experience and don’t let go. Use this fantastic feeling of being a titan to defeat any negative thinking that may be holding you back from becoming a truly powerful conscious creator.



3. Recreate your world. – A person’s environment will always have a powerful impact on his ability to manifest. In an ideal world, we would be able to enjoy environments where people and events are almost always positive. However, we know how reality tends to fluctuate so this isn’t always the case for anyone.

If your environment is bringing you down on a regular basis and is preventing you from even feeling happy about yourself, perhaps it’s time for a change?

Of course, you don’t have to make drastic changes if you don’t want to. But the small changes that we make to create a better and more positive environment for ourselves is so vital to improving the general frequency of your vibrational energy.

Here are some examples of small, positive changes that can immediately have a great impact on your vibrational energy:

1. Rearrange your office to make it more ergonomic and easy on the eyes.
2. Avoid communicating with people that make you feel sad, angry or otherwise uncomfortable.
3. Change how your living spaces are lit. Dim lighting often affects people’s moods.
4. Deal with clutter at home. Clutter can be very stressful.
5. If you’ve wanted to reorganize your home for the longest time, be sure to do something that will really make you happy, like add some fresh wallpaper or paint a room a different color.



How to Create Mind Magic

What is mind magic and how does it work?

Mind magic is simply knowing how to align your thought patterns and emotional experiences with your needs and desires. Through the Law of Attraction, conscious creation becomes possible and all you need is the power of your mind.

What is the law of attraction?

If you are a new reader here, you’re probably wondering what all this talk about “magic” is about. Let’s do a quick recap just so everyone’s on the same page.

One of the oldest and most powerful laws in the Universe is the “law of attraction.” The law of attraction states that the Universe is capable of receiving and reflecting energy of the same type, which enables manifestation in every corner of creation.

Humans have an unlimited capacity to mold physical reality.




All you need to do is harness the power of your mind. Make some “mind magic” on a daily basis and your life will be super!

Mind Magic Tips

1. Be aware of your energy flow. – Each person has his own energy flow. When the flow is positive and unabated, we feel good. If not, you’ll feel uneasy and fatigued. It’s important that you pay attention to how you feel because this will give you a good idea as to what kind of energy you’re transmitting to the Universe.

Negative energy attracts a chain of negative events into your reality, even if you don’t want that to happen.

For example, if you’re overwhelmed with sadness because something didn’t work out, that feeling of sadness has to be transitioned to something more positive, like hope if you want to maintain a more positive vibrational frequency.



2. Avoid the worry trap. – It’s no secret that people in general like to worry. Many people think that worrying is a normal part of the problem solving process, while it’s not.

Much of the work involved in receiving the abundance of the Universe revolves around solving problems. This is one of the essential characteristics of conscious creation: if you want to actively receive something from the Universe, you have to overcome certain problems first.

Worrying about something definitely does not solve it. What worrying does accomplish is it wrecks your emotional balance and causes you to feel negative about yourself and your situation, too. It doesn’t and will never contribute to the resolution of any obstacle or problem.

But I still feel like I need to worry!

Worrying is a natural reaction to a perceived threat, danger or problem, much like stress. When you find yourself worrying about something, stop and divert that energy into finding an actual solution. If you can’t find a solution at the moment, then by all means, stop worrying!

Think about it: what would be the point of worrying if something can’t be resolved? You’ll just be wasting your time and energy. Plus, your mind will be clouded from all the worrying, too.



3. Practice creative visualization. – Frequent visualization allows you to tap into the hidden power center of the brain: your subconscious mind. Visualization can help you create mind magic through the following ways:

i. It allows you to create mental spaces where your desires and needs can be identified accurately.

ii. You can be your true, unfettered self when visualizing. Therefore, you can visualize the path to your goals and desires without worrying about real-world concerns and limitations.

iii. The subconscious mind is a wide open path that leads to the spiritual planes. You can reconnect with your spiritual self through visualization.

iv. It’s possible to consciously amplify a powerful memory to create more positive vibrational energy through your imagination. You know you’re doing it right when a sense of well-being and happiness envelopes you. This is a common impact of positive memory amplification.

v. It’s possible to map out your goals and milestones by looking at your personal timeline. Your personal timeline is a series of events that can be “viewed” through your subconscious mind.

The great thing about visualization is you can visualize every part of your timeline: past, present and even your future. By viewing your timeline you will be able to think of ways to improve the journey from point A to point B. If there are any steps that you think are missing from your current plans and objectives, you can fill in those details while visualizing.

vi. Visualization is a form of escape! If you’re feeling stressed from life’s endless challenges, use your imagination to soothe your stressed mind and spirit. It works!


About the Author James E. Wheelock

My name is James E. Wheelock. An engineer by trade, I created Manifestation Key to help people attract the things they want in life the best way possible.

Life has been extremely good to me!

I have a loving wife, three awesome children, a sister who has conquered the Seven Summits of the world, an entrepreneurial brother and a mother who taught us all that human beings have no limits.

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