Signs You’re a Conscious Creator

Signs You’re a Conscious Creator – Visualization Creative


When does one become a conscious creator?

Knowing that you can ask the Universe for any desire will gradually shift your perspective of life, reality and what is achievable in your lifetime. These “small changes” are transformative and eventually, your identity will begin to revolve around your amazing ability to consciously create the life that you want, the one that you truly deserve.

You become a conscious creator the moment you believe in the law of attraction.

The law of attraction can be summed up in the following points:

  • The Universe is an unlimited source of abundance and can be accessed by anyone, any time.
  • The Universe receives and reflects vibrational energy from individuals.
  • What you think, feel and do, you attract into your life.
  • “Like attracts like” in all situations, no exceptions.

If all of the aforementioned points make sense to you, then it’s likely that you already accept the truth of the law of attraction and you’re already building a “house” inside your mind to accommodate all the vital knowledge related to manifestation and the law of attraction.

What are the signs that you’re on your way to succeeding with manifestation?

Conscious creation deepens your relationship with the Universe.

You become more aware of your True Self and the spiritual energies that animate your life. You become less preoccupied with things that hold you back. You no longer give these negative elements any attention and therefore, their hold on your life slowly loosens over time.


Conscious creators also develop a form of hyper-focus that drives them faster to the final manifestation of their desires.

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have already read about the “countdown” that takes place when you’re trying to attract something in your life. It takes time for the Universe to complete its work in rearranging the circumstances that will make your desires a reality, so there’s a delay between the act of manifestation and the actual manifestation.

A person who doesn’t believe in the law of attraction and also doesn’t believe in his/her own power to consciously create will often lose focus in the gap period between asking and receiving.

A genuine conscious creator will do everything he can to remain motivated and in high spirits during the countdown period.

The countdown period is often mistaken for failure. It’ not! When you order pizza and have it delivered to your doorstep, the pizza parlor usually asks you to wait anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour and you’re fine with that.

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If you can wait for pizza or any kind of fast food, why should you be worried when the Universe is preparing something great for you?

You shouldn’t be worried. You should never be fearful that the Universe wasn’t listening, for as long as you’ve done your part in conscious creation, everything will fall into place soon enough.

There has to be belief in the abundance of the Universe and at the same time, solid belief that you have what it takes to attract wealth, health, happiness, loving relationships, etc. People often use the law of attraction to manifest material wealth – this is by no means the limit of this divine law. You can attract anything under the sun. Think of the law of attraction as your access to a no holds barred cosmic catalog of goodies.

Pick out the wonderful things that you want for your life and tell the Universe. The Universe will read your vibrational energy and reflect its contents back to you. If you are always aware of your vibrational energy and its accompanying frequency, expect the arrival of amazing things in your life.

As a final reminder: find mental and emotional balance to accommodate the frequency of your desires.

If you are always sad, angry or frustrated with yourself or others, those strong negative feelings can easily depose your desires. In order to be truly successful with conscious creation, one must find it in himself to remove all traces of negativity. Deal with your problems as soon as possible so you won’t have to deal with the consequences of having a negative aura.

Since the law of attraction doesn’t choose which frequencies to accept, imagine what would happen if a countdown for a negative event began just because you didn’t pay attention to how you felt in the first place.

I hope we all learned something from today’s discussion. Manifest something today!



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