The Secretsof Shifting Your Vibrational Balance

The Secrets of Shifting Your Vibrational Balance

How can you shift your vibrational energies?

In the previous blog post, we talked about the two steps that you need to take in order to access your vibrational energies. Step one is paying attention to your feelings or emotions. Emotions determine thought patterns in both the short term and the long term.

In the event that your main desire triggers negative emotions, move on to the next step which is examining your beliefs. Negative emotions are often caused by deep-seated negative beliefs. A positive belief will make you happy while a negative one will likely cause fear, anxiety and other types of negativity.

Examining a negative belief will shed some light as to how the belief came about in the first place.

The more you know about a negative belief, the more control you have over it and therefore, the better the results you will get with conscious creation.|

But what about negative emotions that come about because of present challenges or obstacles?

A close examination of one’s beliefs isn’t always necessary especially if you know that your negative emotions are being triggered by present difficulties. You can manifest anything with the help of the law of attraction but that doesn’t mean that the process will always be easy. Big desires will be more difficult to manifest than smaller, simpler ones.

Transformative Shifters

How can you maintain a positive outlook at all times?

The secret of expert conscious creators is positive shifting.



When you feel negative emotions enveloping you, you’re going to shift your thinking and mood with the use of mental triggers. Below are some powerful triggers that you can use to improve your mood, perspective and thinking.

1. Favorite memories. – Think of your best memories from childhood or recent life events/experiences.

Special memories can instantly improve your mood and improve your outlook of a present situation. The point of summoning your favorite memories is to prevent you from backsliding into depression, anxiety or fear.

To make this technique even more effective, use a series of positive memories to completely overwhelm any negative emotions you may have. In the beginning, your favorite memories may not completely eliminate negative emotions and that’s alright –you still need to condition your mind and emotions to be responsive to the method.

2. Music – Music is a balm for the soul and is also an excellent way to improve your creativity. Scientists have long agreed that playing music while performing mental tasks such as writing and solving math problems increases the brain’s efficiency almost instantly.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by problems, stop and listen to your favorite music. Let the mood of the music carry you away from the dark and foreboding atmosphere that is threatening to embrace you.



What kind of music works best?

Classical music is relaxing for many people so if you don’t really listen to music, this would be a good place to start.

But then again, we all have our own musical tastes. What’s relaxing to a heavy metal fan would sound like a thousand banging drums to someone who prefers jazz or RNB. Stick to the music that makes you happy and you’ll do fine.

3. Nature retreat. – When was the last time you communed with nature? Sometimes the modern cityscape makes the spirit crave for the simpler pleasures of life, like relaxing with your significant other without having to worry about your phone or emails.

Sure, you can disconnect yourself from all forms of electronic communication, but you would still be within the confines of spaces that stress you on a daily basis.

Go on a nature hike or drive to the beach with some friends. Reconnect with nature and you will feel energized like never before.

Nothing revitalizes like the sight of beautiful Mother Nature. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash to enjoy nature either – visit national parks, reserves, etc. What you really need to invest in such activities is energy and time. But don’t worry – you’ll be glad that you did!

4. Mentally enjoy your target outcome. – We work hard in consciously manifesting our desires because we will benefit from the ideal outcomes. Focus on your target outcome and imagine: how much more would you enjoy life when you’ve finally accomplished your big goal?

How happy would you be when the manifestation has completed and your big desire is finally in front of you?Immerse yourself in the beautiful thoughts and emotions that are brought about by speeding ahead to a future time. Enjoy yourself!


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