Use The Straw Man to Solve Problems

How can the straw man help you solve problems?

Let’s say the desire that you wanted to manifest involved solving a problem. You’ve been stuck with the same problem for a long time and right now, what you need is a powerful solution that will end it, once and for all.

If you’ve been focusing on the outcome that you want, the Universe has heard you and it is already counting down to the days that your desire will finally manifest in physical reality.


But wait: you still need to come up with a solution to your existing problem.

Problems won’t sort themselves out on their own. That’s part of the “deal” that we have with the Universe. You can use the law of attraction to attract absolutely anything that you want in life. However, if you’re not willing to take action, the manifestation just won’t happen.

The Universe also gauges a conscious creator’s readiness to manifest something by setting up challenges along the way.

These challenges are all linked to the final act of manifestation. No effort is ever wasted in the process of conscious creation. As long as you keep working on it, your efforts will eventually have a big payoff.

How can you solve problems effectively?

One method that I have found useful through the years is the “straw man.”

This method of finding solutions is used in business, marketing and even in professional conflict management. The idea behind the straw man is actually quite simple: you set up a “straw man” or a temporary, half-baked idea and just put it up there so it can be critiqued and torn down.

The purpose of the straw man is to be torn down, re-examined and rebuilt.

This technique of solving problems is even more effective when you work with at least one other person. The more people tearing down the straw man, the better. The straw man method is an excellent way of gathering information and useful opinions about a single or multiple issues.

Be wary of using this technique with people you don’t know.

A “straw man” solution is meant to sound incomplete or even absurd. The point of the exercise is to stimulate the mind to come up with better steps and options. When you feel that you’ve exhausted all your means to solve a problem, propping up a straw man just might help you go further.



Wouldn’t a straw man cause conflict in a group?

It won’t cause conflict if everyone is made aware that you’re using the method in the first place and your initial proposal was actually meant to be taken down by other people’s ideas. When people are volunteering their ideas and are pointing out the weaknesses of the initial proposal, you’re well on your way to finding a final, workable solution.


Here are some additional tips to make this problem-solving technique even better:

– Like I said earlier, be sure to inform everyone that your idea is not a final solution and you’re opening the floor for everyone’s suggestions.

– If you’re working alone, it would be best to analyze the straw man thoroughly before tearing it down for the first time. Make every brainstorming session count. Your main objective is to find a better solution than the one in front of you.

– A straw man solution doesn’t have to be extremely bad. It just has to exist so you can move forward in an orientation that encourages the formation of a solution. A straw man is already “perfect” in its imperfection because it pushes people to think some more about the problem.

– Working with a group of people can be difficult if you’re not all on the same page. If there are major assumptions involved, you need to find out that you all have the same ideas.

Lay down the major assumptions associated with the straw man solution and see if everyone understands and agrees with your ideas. If there are misalignments, re-align with the rest of the group and start again.

– When you have sufficient information and/or feedback from the people that you are working with, create another straw man. Yes, the new straw man will be taken apart again, but only because you want to create the best possible solution. I’m sure the straw man doesn’t mind. 

– Whenever possible, make important decisions whenever a new straw man is created. Decide and take action to get the ball rolling. A new plan or solution is useless without accompanying the action. Do not delay in taking action!



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