Understanding Your Chakras & Signs of Weak or Closed Chakras


Understanding Your Chakras

What are chakras and what are they for?

The concept of chakras is rooted in the Hindu medicinal & philosophical texts. In Hindi thought, the human body is driven by energy centers or energy whorls called chakras. We have seven chakras in total: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

Each of our chakras has a special function that contributes to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

All the known domains in your life are affected by the chakras because they’re responsible for generating different types of spiritual energy. The concept of chakras is not much different from the concept of vibrational energy used in the practice of the law of attraction. The Hindi texts stipulate that the energies that the chakras produce has an effect on the state and quality of our lives.


Imbalances in just ONE CHAKRA can cause imbalance in others.


What happens with the energy flow in the event of an imbalance?

Imagine that your body is a massive circuit of energy. Each chakra is a source of energy that lends power to other chakras. All seven chakras, which have different duties, are independent in performing their tasks but at the same time are dependent on other chakras to maintain the balance.

When a chakra becomes blocked or weak, other chakras have to compensate for the weak energy flow. As a result, all the other chakras become overworked and malaise will eventually occur. When this happens, the affected person suffers from imbalances in one or more life domains. We may not always be aware that this is happening, but it does happen more often than we think.



How can you take care of your chakras?


Caring for one’s chakras is called “chakra balancing.” It should be done as regularly as you can so you can get the best results:

1. Grounding – Close your eyes and imagine a single silver cord emanating from the top of your head. Now guide this silver cord to the earth and bury it deep in the soil. Pay close attention to the colors of the energies in your body. The grounding will have a beneficial effect on your energy balance as all excess energies will be absorbed by the neutral earth.


people relax


2. Stretching/yoga – Ever wondered why practitioners of the natural healing arts often practice yoga? First of all, it burns calories and feels good.

Second, the expenditure of energy helps in the natural rebalancing of spiritual energies too. Stretching is all about proper alignment and what the body enjoys, the mind and spirit also enjoys and benefits from, too.

Stretching utilizes different poses and postures. The best ones for essential chakra balancing are the ones where your feet are firmly planted on the ground. This provides the extra benefit of grounding, which was discussed in the previous item.


3. Enjoy a good swim (or soak) – Water is the universal cleanser and the fact that we were surrounded by water in the womb makes it even more comforting.

I would recommend swimming to anyone who feels stressed and pressured most of the time. If you can’t go swimming for any reason then just enjoy a warm soak in the bathtub. If this still isn’t something you can do soon, a shower will do.

Just remember to enjoy what you’re doing and really pay attention to every movement that you make. This will allow you to release excess energy and smoothen out the connections between your chakras.




4. Any aerobic activity – Playing tennis or even ballroom dancing can do a world of good to your body and your spiritual energy whorls. It’s fascinating to note that physical exercise has a naturally cleansing effect on our chakras.

This is probably the reason why those who exercise frequently are also happier and more active, physically, mentally and spiritually. They have all this energy to spend on different activities precisely because their chakras are all open and operating normally.




5. Spiritual activities – Prayer, meditation or even inner dialogues with yourself all quality as spiritual activities. These acts also help rebalance your chakras by allowing you to express yourself fully, thereby releasing any pent up energies you may stuck in your body.

How does that work?

The triumvirate of the mind-body-spirit is operating when you’re balancing your chakras. Simply put: all your mental and physical activities have an impact on your spiritual health as well. On the other hand, any imbalances in the spiritual side of the equation can also lead to physical/mental issues.




 Signs of Weak or Closed Chakras


What would you feel if your chakras are all healthy?


Your chakras form the foundation of your spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. They represent the pathway or circuit that connects various energy centers to each other, which makes it possible for the whole to function normally.


A healthy chakra is open. A problematic one is closed or “weak” because it is unable to produce and release energy as it should. In our previous discussion, we have touched upon the consequence of blocked or weak chakras: when chakras are blocked, other chakras have to compensate.


Do you have blocked or weak chakras?




You can find out by checking out a list I’ve compiled of the most common symptoms of blocked and/or weak chakras:

You may have blocked/closed chakras if…

  • You feel fatigued or exhausted all the time, even if you’ve just woken up in the morning.
  • You’re unable to relate to other people on a meaningful level.
  • You feel fearful and anxious when it’s time to talk and share your ideas.
  • You have low self-esteem and your confidence in what you can do is non-existent.
  • You feel physically sluggish and are unable to carry out day-to-day tasks without feeling burned out.



  • You feel completely burned out from your chores or obligations and you are also unable to recuperate properly.
  • You feel uninspired and uncreative all the time.
  • You feel that your youth has drained away and that you’re only a “husk” of your old self.
  • Your work and family life have no meaning anymore. You’ve lost your sense of purpose and you feel that your goals are too far off to come true.
  • You’ve forgotten how to visualize and imagine. As a result, you are always stuck in the “logical” level of things, never being able to move away from the fixed variables in a situation.




  • Your sense of self is blurry or dim. You don’t know what your aims in life are anymore.
  • You are unable to operationalize your natural instincts. As a result, you don’t sense when someone is being untruthful to you because your intuition has also been affected.
  • You feel disconnected from the world at large. You feel isolated, lonely and unhappy.
  • There is a darkness inside that you can’t seem to understand or shake off easily. (Note: This should NOT be confused with clinical depression.)
  • You are unable to sleep well at night. You toss and turn frequently, plagued by frequent waking and random thoughts.


  • You are plagued by physical aches and pains. Muscles, joints and bones are protesting even the mildest of physical exertions.
  • You’re not eating well in the sense that you either eat too little or too much. It’s important to note that your eating habits have an adverse effect on your body and mind and care must be taken to shift to a healthier diet, for your own sake.
  • You feel extremely dependent on people. Passiveness and feelings of vulnerability may also manifest when you are required to make decisions and take action.
  • You’re having trouble with your digestion, even if you haven’t been diagnosed with any GI problems.




  • Your emotions are mostly unbalanced. You feel negative emotions all the time and you seem to have lost control of your ability to control them. As a result, you push away people because you tend to “release pressure” on others when you feel angry or vulnerable.
  • You have trouble during your period. Hormonal imbalances are increasingly common in people with blocked root chakras.
  • You’ve lost your sense of humor somehow and you find it hard to laugh at other people’s jokes. You also have trouble making jokes or making other people laugh or smile.
  • You feel powerless all the time and as a result, other people make decisions for you and you’re unable to do anything about that.
  • Inflamed joints are a common symptom of blocked chakras, in general.



  • You have problems with lovemaking/sex. This particular deficiency can also harm related chakras.
  • Your self-image is imbalanced and you keep seeing flaws or imperfections. There is also a tendency to magnify imperfections to the point that you become distressed over what normally wouldn’t affect other people.
  • You feel angry all the time. Rage is the name of the game when other people don’t agree with what you want.


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