Why You Need to Love Yourself More

Why You Need to Love Yourself More


What does self-love have to do with manifestation?

People are often confused when I put “self-love” and “selflessness” side by side. Both are extremely important to manifestation and yet, they seem to be the antitheses of each other. This is a minor segue but I found it necessary to clarify how these two practices can be performed side by side, with zero conflict.

Here goes: a selflessness is a form of generosity, which works a lot like love.

You sacrifice some of your personal resources like time, energy and even money to make other people happy. It’s called “selflessness” (in my opinion) because the center of the action and the beneficiary of the effort is another person or group of people.

Selflessness and its twin, generosity, are both essential in keeping the Circuit of Abundance alive and kicking in your life.

What about self-love?

Self-love is equally important because how you think you should treat yourself impacts the quality of your thoughts, actions, and emotions. Lack of self-love also dims your connection to your True Self (spiritual self) and causes severe energy imbalances.

If you read about the chakras or energy centers of the body, you’ll get the same answer: lack of self-love affects your energy centers, causing long-term problems and countless forms of malaise.

The solution is obvious: start loving yourself more.


Here are some tips on self-love that covers the four major domains: mind, body, spirit, and emotions.


1. Get adequate rest. Six to eight hours of sleep is recommended for adults. As we get older, the figure is cut by an hour or two, but the more sleep you get every night, the better. Sleep at the same time every night and avoid using electronic devices to facilitate sleep.

2. Eat well. Eating well means getting a sufficient amount of nutrients from different sources and eating at the right time. Your body will thank you with better health, fewer sick days and maybe weight loss if you’re presently dealing with excess pounds.

3. Exercise any way you can. 30 minutes of exercise per week is recommended for adults to stave off heart disease and other diseases. Walk, cycle or play tennis –just get moving!



1. Get creative. Creativity improves your problem-solving abilities and also makes you happier as a person. Find a creative outlet that you find enjoyable. If you get bored, find another one!

2. Meditate. Meditation removes the fog in the mind and allows people to mentally recover from being wound up for so long. Meditation coupled with adequate rest and a generally positive mindset will certainly increase your mental clarity and efficiency.

3. Avoid worrying. Worrying only generates stress, which can cause physical symptoms. If you have a problem, try to find a solution instead of worrying about it endlessly. If you can’t solve it at the moment, stop worrying altogether.


1. Visualize frequently. Creative visualizations reopen the pathways to your Higher Self/True Self. Check out one of my previous blog posts to find out how you can use visualization to reach out to your True Self.

2. Perform acts of faith. Whatever your faith may be, attend services or activities that are related to it. As long as your faith is something you truly believe in, there’s no reason for you not to flourish under its guiding practices.

3. Listen to the Universe. Every day we receive subtle signs from the Universe. We only have to stop and listen closely to our surroundings. What do you think the Universe has been trying to tell you lately?


1. Value yourself first. If you have been neglecting your needs and happiness for others, stop. In order to be selfless, your cup must be filled, too. Cut out excess commitments that are making your life toxic and begin anew.

2. Choose your company carefully. Some people who claim to be friends only add negativity to your life. Negativity only negates active manifestations. Choose your friends wisely.

3. Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy even when the world wants you to cry until next week. Focus on the positive aspects of life and embrace the enormous possibility of change within your life. Also… Smile!


Self-love is something that we cannot live without. Make the choice today and start living your life with a big heart full of love for oneself and others. When you’re done filling your cup, manifest something great!



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